Intercultural Literacy

October 20, 2005

The Japancasting podcasting blog has been well received in Japan and abroad.

The Stanford JGuide or Japan WWW Virtual Library lists only one regular blog
along with Japancasting under Society & Culture > Weblogs & Commentary
"Podcast blogs. Directory of MP3 files with text summaries of broadcasts on Japanese culture,
history, society, etc. Links to scripts with photos and illustrations for reading while listening.
Links to online sources for further research."

On 18 Oct 2005 Japancasting received a 4-star rating, very useful for research,
from the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library at the Australian National University:
The Asian Studies WWW Monitor: late Oct 2005 - Vol. 12, No. 15 (240)
and was in The top 500 resources from "The Asian Studies WWW Monitor".
Japancasting was also the first site of its kind in the Monitor and its blog above.

That led to posts to Michigan State's leading H-Net Discussion Networks on history
and contemporary issues, H-Japan and H-Asia.

Also, perhaps the most widely read journal on English education in Japan, Eigo Kyoiku
in Japanese, will have a column on technology in the December issue recommending
Japancasting for English as a Foreign Language study and pointing to the pioneering
work at Osaka Jogakuin College where I work in the second year of giving all students
iPods with English listening materials, the first school in the world to do so.

Meanwhile I've started the following two sites, connected with the
Computer Communication course I'm teaching this fall semester,
2005-06 (the second semester of the school year in Japan):

Wilmina Forest Blog waoe

Computer Communication WebCT course information page