Intercultural Literacy

November 03, 2004

The WAOE Electronic Bulletin (WEB), Vol. 4, No. 3 (November 2004), published at Portland State University for the World Association for Online Education, is now available free to the public here.

It is loaded with articles representing most regions of the world, with links to yet further sources. Contents include:

* WAOE 2004 Annual Meeting; New Officers Selected
* Update on Mentoring Project
* Four Members Meet and Present at the Association of Internet Researchers (AOIR) Conference in Brighton, England (includes photo of authors, link to presentation abstracts and PowerPoint)
* Online education news or announcements of projects in the Asia-Pacific, Oman, South Africa, India, and East Africa.
* Member Profile -- Begum Ibrahim (Malaysia)
* Call for participation in the WAOE Online Educator Develoment Committee (OEDC)
* Upcoming conferences in South Africa, India and China.
* Review of The Reach Of Reflection: Issues For Phenomenology's Second Century
* Online Study Tool offered by Respondus: Study Mate
* Community in the Digital Age -- article and book review
* Learning Objects: What are they and why should I care? (includes screen shot of a content management system)
* The Digital Literacy Alliance: An update (support group for Ghana)
* President's Corner: Virtual Organization goes Hybrid as Online meets Offline
* Troubleshooting the WAOE Website, Discussion Boards, and List-Servs