Intercultural Literacy

November 12, 2004

Japanese universities
/ Reference book for non-native users of English

Professor Takamitsu Sawa of Kyoto University wrote an article for the Japan Times entitled "Universities Lack Will to Reform." The Japanese Institute of Global Communications reprinted that article online and published my response, Comment on Takamitsu Sawa's Article "Universities Lack Will to Reform." Read Prof. Sawa's article and then mine if you are interested in Japan.

Meanwhile a reference book has come out for EFL self-study and one of the authors is WAOE officer Dr. Begum Ibrahim who graces this blog as well (scroll down to see and read about her). I wrote the Foreword for the book, proofreading and editing the manuscript:

Get Speaking Right: Suitable Expressions for Effective Communication.
by Abdul Hameed Mohamed Mydin and Ahbul Zailani Begum Mohamed Ibrahim
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: Prentice Hall / Pearson Education (2004); ISBN 983-3205-04-6.