Intercultural Literacy

September 02, 2003

This represents my subject matter area research here in Japan:

For travel in Western Japan or studying Japan's religious heritage,
my newly released encyclopedia entries on the Shikoku pilgrimage,
Mount Koya, and Buddhist Syncretism (combining many Asian religions)
may be of interest. This is my fourth site to receive a 4-star rating,
very useful for social sciences research, from the Asian Studies
WWW Virtual Library based at the Australian National University.
Each article includes photos from the encyclopedia.

The other sites and year they received the 4-star rating are:

Multilingual Guide to the Pilgrimage Island of Japan (2003)
(Alternating English and Japanese for learners of either language;
also Spanish, French and Dutch WWW versions of the whole book)

Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism (2003)

Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection (1997, 2001)
(Online publications, English and Japanese annotated versions)

Collegially, Steve McCarty, Professor, Kagawa JC, Japan - Bookmark