Intercultural Literacy

May 13, 2003

Salam Mesra (Warm greetings) from Malaysia.

I am an educator and have been teaching for over two decades (that sure looks like a long time when you write it down) in various universities in Malaysia. My basic degree is in Aquatic Biology but then I migrated into teaching English after I was awarded the British High Commissioner's Award to do a post-graduate degree in Applied Linguistics. My humble resume is available at my website. At present, my main area of interest is Online Education. It is very encouraging that the Malaysian government is very receptive to the use of ICT in education. The Minstry of Education of Malaysia has this message "Our schools and universities are taking up the challenge of globalisation by changing not only the content of curriculum and programmes but more importantly the delivery systems. IT-enhanced teaching and learning are already making computers in schools, distance learning, video conferencing and internet link commonplace." Already the education system is putting interactive I.T. at the core of teaching-learning and management process.

I teach e-Distance learning programmes as well.

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to network with some very dedicated and talented officers and members of WAOE. I will continue to support and contribute in what little ways I can to make the mission of WAOE a success.

I also devote a lot of my free time to a non-profit organisation -Mind Science Association Malaysia - which offers self-improvement programmes. I am a self-taught amateur web designer who designs and maintains websites for several organisations as a voluntary service.

Ahbul Zailani Begum Mohamed Ibrahim Ph.D, Lecturer, MARA University of Technology, Alor Gajah Campus Malaysia.